Logo and Custom Artwork Digitizing Services
Embroidered Memories has our own in-house digitizers and can turn your logo or custom artwork into an embroidery design masterpiece

Digitzing typically takes only a couple of days for us to complete

Computer screenshots are available for inspection before customer acceptance is finalized

Custom digitizing design costs are based upon complexity of design and final stitch count in the design

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Copyrighted or trademarked logos, artwork, and designs cannot be accepted for digitizing unless you own the copyright, or have express written documention stating that the material can be reproduced for embroider.
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A custom design or artwork has to go through a process known as digitizing before it can be embroidered for the first time. This process can take from several minutes, to several hours to do.

The setup/digitizing cost for a design is based on the size and complexity of the logo/design. A lot of people we talk to do not realize this step has to happen before the sewing can start. Once the design has been digitized it can be embroidered as many times as you like from that same digitized embroidery file, so it only has to be digitized once. The digitizing charge is a usually a one-time cost unless you have us make changes to the design once it has been digitized and approved.

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